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Together We Can Make Food Safer

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In-shift, In-plant

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Food borne pathogens can seriously affect anyone. Even though the United States has one of the safest food supplies in the world, there are still millions of cases of food borne illness each year. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, every year approximately 48 million Americans suffer some form of food poisoning. These food poisonings are instigated by some type of food borne pathogens like, listeria, salmonella, e.coil and the like. Of those, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3000 die. Despite such high numbers, many food providers, including supermarkets, are still struggling to ensure pathogen protection. The main reasons for this are the cost and time required to test all the food sold.Listeriosis is one of the most common food-borne illness, caused by the pathogen Listeria. Current tests for food-borne illness, such a polymerase chain reaction (or PCR), Immunoassay, or bacterial culture method require complex procedure and long time to get the final result. In these processes, a small sample of the produce has to be sent to a specialized lab, grown into a bigger sample. Then the actual tests will be conducted and analyzed. And after that, the results can be reported. This can take anywhere from 8 to 12 regular shifts, during which time the fruit might be served up to friends and family all around. As seems to often be the case lately, Synthetic Biology provides an elegant solution. At sample6, we’ve developed a synthetic, biology-based bacteria diagnostic system that is capable of enrichment-free detection. Our core technology platform is based on nature’s bioillumination capabilities. This assay “lights up” pathogenic bacteria for quick and easy detection. The process provides in-shift results in an easy-to-use kit. Our diagnostic and analytics platform helps quickly identify the presence of pathogens and verifies the efficacy of remediation efforts. Easy-to-use sampling kits with same-shift results allow you to give frontline personnel the tools they need to address problems at the source.“Sample6 delivers tremendous supply chain and brand protection value to businesses while at the same time driving down food safety related illness and deaths”. – Tim Curran,CEO, Sample6.

In-plant, In-shift,

Pathogen Detection and Control

Revolutionize your testing program to better protect
your company, your customers and consumers

Pathogen detection

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Standard materials and Sample6 solutions
Fits easily into your workflow,
your team and your space at the plant



Initial sample to determination
all within a single shift,

Just minutes of hands on time


Enrichment Free

Avoid the risks, time and costs of enrichment
Detect a single cell safely and quickly

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Enhanced Visibility

Visualize your plant with a
color coded floorplan,
individual pictures,
and powerful reporting tools


Better Communication

Schedule, monitor and report
environmental programs

Rapidly communicate results
and actions to your team

Ready to make food safer?